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Actualizing Vision 2025

SSDU is fully committed to actualize the vision of Smart Selangor in becoming the most liveable Smart State in ASEAN by 2025. A commitment that is both true in form as in substance, SSDU will not only prioritise the citizen’s wellbeing in the implementation of each smart initiatives but will also focus on instilling the Smart Selangor culture in the citizen’s DNA and progressing the lifestyle of every Selangorean with the dynamics of the new norm.

Smart Government

Envisioning a Smart Government anchored on delivering three main outcomes:

  • Make it very easy for people and businesses to deal with the government;
  • Become a data-driven government with improved service responsiveness;
  • Become a highly capable government, fit for the digital age.

Current Initiatives

Smart Economy

Envisioning a Smart Economy anchored on delivering three main outcomes:

  • Digitalisation of industries be it services, manufacturing or agriculture with a greater focus on Small Medium Enterprises (SME);
  • Creation of ecosystems that enables industries to be competitive and scaled up using digital technologies;
  • Development of next-gen industries of strategic interest to the state.

Current Initiatives

Smart Community

Envisioning a Smart Community anchored to produce three primary outcomes:

  • Affordable access to easy-to-use digital tools;
  • Provide citizens with the necessary skills that stimulates confidence in using digital tools;
  • Encourage adoption of digital technologies to improve community livability.

Current Initiatives

Smart Digital Infrastructure

A Smart Digital Infrastructure which is anchored in building four main components (‘PANDaS’):

  • Platforms that houses multiple applications (mobile-based and non-mobile), enables rapid multi-dimensional data analysis, permits the development of derived applications and delivers value (monetary or insights) to the smart state;
  • Applications that act as mobile connectors to enhance government-citizen relationships;
  • High-speed Network connectivity that will reliably relay collected sensor data to the datastore;
  • A high availability, highest tier-certified hybrid Data Centre that collects all sensor or operational data;
  • Sets of Sensors and devices that will collect the required data.

Current Initiatives